Elaine LockardElaine Lockard is a Master Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Business Mentor and Transformation Expert better known as the Confidence and Credibility Alchemist and Supreme Resourceress. Through natural, instant, unparalleled access to limitless spiritual knowledge and practical information, she organically and holistically assists as one courageously breaks out of their Spiritual Closet to gain confidence in and be valued for all they really are, getting the ultimate deserved recognition, respect and rewards their unique expertise demands.

Elaine learned early on, through challenges she endured and overcame, that knowledge in every form, from every source, about everything, but especially knowledge of all aspects of self, was and is the essential key ingredient to achieving and continuing to hold onto whatever you desire!

With 30 years experience and countless thousands of hours in learning, development, mastering and using her gifts, earning numerous certifications along the way, she gives her clients an unique edge, that few have, enabling them to soar in their life and business success.